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Canada raises domestic terrorism threat level

Canada has raised its domestic terrorism threat level.

In a statement released Tuesday Jason Tamming, a spokesman for the Minister of Public Safety and Emergency, said the decision to raise the level was “linked to an increase in general chatter from radical Islamist organizations like ISIL, Al Qaeda, Al Shabaab and others who pose a clear threat to Canadians.”

Tamming added that the elevated level means “intelligence has indicated that an individual or group within Canada or abroad has the intent and capability to commit an act of terrorism, and that the Integrated Terrorism Assessment Centre assesses that a violent act of terrorism could occur.”

The level was raised from low to medium just days before a man drove a car into two soldiers near Montreal, killing 53-year-old warrant officer Patrice Vincent. Police said the car was driven deliberately into the soldiers. The incident has been called an act of violence against Canada that was “clearly linked” to terrorist ideology.

Tamming said the increased level is not the result of a specific threat.