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Peeved neighbour insists basketball net, Christmas lights not up to Cabbagetown snuff

Last Updated Apr 10, 2015 at 1:57 pm EDT

The game may have been invented in 1891, but one Cabbagetown resident thinks basketball nets have no place in the historic neighbourhood.

The peeved neighbour left a note registering his or her discontent with the state of a nearby home in the downtown district.

“It would be appreciated if your home could look a little more like it did in the 1800s,” the neighbour wrote.

What with the spring garden tour season approaching, and historical walking tours to follow — not to mention the fall house tours — Cabbagetowners are working “even harder than usual to show off the 19th century heritage of this community,” the letter goes on.

The note-writer offers some gentle suggestions for the offending home to get in line, such as moving the basketball net to the back alley.

“The Christmas lights perhaps to Goodwill, the bicycles stored at the rear, and the general clutter cleaned up.”

The peeved neighbour would “deeply appreciate” the changes.

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