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Chris Hyndman of CBC's 'Steven and Chris' has died

Last Updated Aug 5, 2015 at 9:31 am EST

Chris Hyndman of the CBC home improvement and lifestyle show ‘Steven and Chris‘ has died. He was 49.

According to CBC, Hyndman’s body was found in an alley near Queen Street East and Broadview Avenue shortly after 11 p.m. Monday.

There has been no word on how he died. Police continue to investigate the incident.

Hyndman was born in Ottawa and grew up in Paradise, Newfoundland.

He and co-host Steven Sabados have been a couple off camera for more than 25 years. The two met through mutual friends in 1988 and married in 2008.

They co-founded the design company the Sabados Group in 1992 and started appearing on CityLine.

Long-time friend Taylor Kaye, who appeared several times on the Steven and Chris show, said she was absolutely shocked to hear the news this morning.

“It was really shocking. There’s a close bunch of us and the first person I thought of was Steven and their family,” she said. “They were together for years and I’m thinking of Steven and Chris’s family and my heart just breaks. It just breaks right now.”

Kaye said she and Hyndman bonded over their gift of gab and joked that when they worked out together they were often kicked out of class for their constant talking.

She said the reason audiences loved Hyndman was the reason everyone loved him, his energy and positive attitude.

“He was the life of the party. He made people feel so amazing. If you were in a bad mood, Chris was the one to get you in a better mood. He’d always make you laugh,” she said.

Before becoming a mainstay on Canadian television Hyndman worked in the makeup department at Citytv.

“In the years I knew him I never saw him unhappy,” CityNews anchor Gord Martineau recalled. “Always upbeat. His perennial good humour will be missed.”

CBC said it has pulled ‘Steven and Chris’ from the air and issued a statement expressing its deepest sympathies.

On Saturday, a tweet was posted to the show’s Twitter page from Barbados.

The CBC says it plans to set up a memorial area in the atrium of its Toronto broadcasting centre on Wednesday for anyone wishing to leave messages, mementos, or flowers to pay tribute to Chris Hyndman. In addition, the national broadcaster plans a celebration of his life at a later date.

Celebrities and fans of Hyndman took to Twitter to express their condolences.