Online contest to name new British ship making waves

By News Staff

Meet the newest member of the British fleet – Boaty McBoat Face.

That’s the name favoured by a majority of the British public when asked to take part in a public vote to help christen England’s newest arctic research ship.

The Natural Environment Research Council originally asked for inspirational names, such as a historical figure, landmark or movement.

With that in mind, the top suggestion resonating with online voters, which will carry the Royal Research Ship designation, is Boaty McBoat Face. It has received more than 16,000 votes.

RRS Henry Worsley is the second most popular pick with around 2,400 votes.

Other top suggestions are RRS David Attenborough, RRS Usain Bolt, RRS Boat, RRS Pingu and RRS It’s Bloody Cold Here.

The nearly $400-million research vessel is set to sail for Antarctica in 2019.

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