‘The party is over with taxpayers’ money’: Ford promises change

By News Staff

Doug Ford’s path to the Progressive Conservative party leadership may have been fraught with delays and confusion, but he doesn’t see any room for doubt when Ontarians head to the polls to crown the next premier.

“We are going to sweep this province,” Ford boldly told CityNews on Monday morning. “I’m predicting right now this is going to be the biggest majority this province has ever seen. We are going to win more seats than anyone ever has.”

“Everyone in the province is frustrated,” he stressed. “They do not want Kathleen Wynne back … They want a change. We are going to bring a change and make this province the most prosperous province in the entire country.”

Ford also maintained that the PC party is newly-united after a tumultuous stretch that saw the resignation of former leader Patrick Brown amid sexual misconduct allegations coupled with a disastrous leadership vote Saturday that saw lengthy delays and a decent dose of ambiguity regarding the results.

In the end Ford was declared the winner, edging his main rival Christine Elliott. Elliott finally conceded on Sunday following a review of voting “irregularities” that briefly cast a shadow of doubt over the process.

“After completing my review, I am confident in the results,” Elliott wrote in a statement. “I extend my congratulations to Doug Ford on a hard-fought campaign.”

Ford maintains that under his leadership, the party is once again focused on a common goal.

“We are focused on Kathleen Wynne, we aren’t focused on each other anymore, we are going to move forward as a party,” he said.

“My main focus right now is Kathleen Wynne. I had an opportunity to speak to Kathleen today and make no mistake about it … I have a great deal of respect for Kathleen Wynne.

“It’s not personal,” he added. “It’s the way she’s destroyed this province under the McGunity-Wynne Liberals for 15 years. We’ve lost 300,000 jobs, we are the most indebted region in the entire world.”

Much like his late brother, former Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, the newly-crowned PC party leader is intent on lowering taxes and respecting taxpayers while touting a tough-talking brand of social conservatism.

“We are going to reduce hydro rates when seniors and other people are deciding between heating and eating. Anyone (making) under $30,000 a year is paying zero per cent tax, that’s how you really help the most vulnerable people.”

“We aren’t budging on the carbon tax, we are going to repeal the sex-ed and consult with the parents. It’s not going to be up to Doug Ford, it will be up to the parents and the teachers.”

And while he maintains he’s softened since his years as a burly and boisterous Toronto city councillor locked in the perpetual defence of his controversial brother, Ford says one thing still stirs his fighting spirit.

“I become harsh and I start attacking when people start stealing off the taxpayers. I am their protector. I am going to put money back in their pockets.

“There’s billions of dollars being wasted,” he seethed. “The party is over with the taxpayers’ money.”

Watch the full, un-edited interview below.

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