AP PHOTOS: Editor selections from Latin America, Caribbean

By The Associated Press

This photo gallery highlights some of the top news images made by Associated Press photographers in Latin America and the Caribbean published in the past week.


Families were distraught in the Venezuelan city of Valencia after a fire swept through a police station’s cells, killing 68 people. On the country’s southern border, members of the indigenous Warao community joined in the flood of Venezuelans fleeing their homeland’s economic collapse and political unrest.

As the region observed Holy Week, cowboys in Uruguay competed in their annual rodeo and Guatemalans participated in the traditional “Strike of All Sorrows” to demand better public education.

Excited by his imminent canonization, devotees of the late Archbishop Oscar Arnulfo Romero held an emotional Mass at the Divine Providence chapel, where the El Salvador prelate was assassinated in 1980.

Martin Vizcarra, a little known engineer, was sworn-in as Peru’s new president, and Costa Rica prepared to hold a presidential runoff election on Easter Sunday. In Brazil, protesters threw eggs at a bus in the campaign caravan of former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva.

Bolivian soldiers re-enacted a battle from the Pacific War of 1879 as their country presses Chile to restore Bolivia’s access to the sea that it lost in the war. Relatives of 90 Argentine soldiers killed in the 1982 Falklands war visited the islands after their loved ones’ remains were identified.

Venezuela bid farewell to Jose Antonio Abreu, the founder of the country’s renowned “El Sistema” music program for young people.


This photo gallery was curated by photographer Moises Castillo in Guatemala City. On Twitter: @moises1975 .


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