Finn Wolfhard’s not so strange success with Calpurnia

By Lindsay Dunn

He isn’t even old enough to have his driver’s licence, but Canadian actor Finn Wolfhard already has a career most could only dream of.

He portrays Mike Wheeler, one of the main characters in the Netflix series Stranger Things and played Richie Tozier in Stephen King’s hit thriller It.

He can now add successful musician to his resume. Wolfhard and three of his friends formed the band Calpurnia which released its EP ‘Scout’ earlier this year.

“It’s been an incredible year,” Wolfhard told CityNews. “We have signed to Royal Mountain Records and they are the most supportive label and people that we could’ve asked for. It’s been a pretty amazing experience, getting our own fan group and core fan base.”

The band has millions of followers on social media and has played to capacity crowds across North America.

This fall they’re playing in Japan for the first time. The shows sold out almost as soon as they were listed.

As for a cute name for the fans? Wolfhard says they have yet to come up with one.

“We don’t have a name for the fan group yet, but it would be funny. They would be like the Beliebers, but the Calpurniers!”

They group is playing this Sunday at Rasberry Farm at the Royal Botanical Gardens in Hamilton.

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