On eve of legalization, John Tory again admits he smoked pot

By News Staff

On the eve of recreational cannabis legalization, Mayor John Tory has again admitted he has tried marijuana.

Tory made the comments during an interview with CityNews on Tuesday.

“I used to smoke cigarettes, and I even tried marijuana as most people my age did when I was younger,” he said.

More than a decade ago, Tory spoke about his marijuana use as the new leader of the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario.

He was responding to reports that had surfaced about a column he had written for the Osgoode Hall Law School newspaper when he was a student there 30 years before.

“I used to listen to Jimi Hendrix music and I used to have very long hair, and I used marijuana as many other people of that age did,” he said.

In the column, Tory took a liberal stance on the use and enforcement of marijuana.

He wrote about his marijuana use and how once, during a lapse of judgment, he got behind the wheel of a car while “stoned” — something he said he regretted.

His column also argued for lesser sentences for dealers and said putting them in jail was “absurd.”

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