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How Canada flunked its first big fake news test

(Getty Images/smartboy10)

We like to think we’re too smart to fall for fake news, after all, we watched what happened to America in 2016. But we are woefully mistaken. For the past few months, a publication called the Buffalo Chronicle has been posting stories about things in Canadian politics that…just aren’t happening. At all. And Canadians have been sharing them, from ordinary citizens on Facebook to public figures and politicians on Twitter.

So what is the Buffalo Chronicle? Who’s behind it? Why is this story such an effective lesson on the perils of misinformation in an election year? What happens when you dig into what’s behind a site like this and attempt to hold people accountable? Why haven’t we learned by now that even though we like to think we’re smarter than our American friends, we’re just as easily manipulated?

GUEST: Justin Ling, reporter/podcaster, host of Uncover: The Village 

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