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Maclean's: Andrew Scheer has a problem

Last Updated May 6, 2019 at 8:10 pm EDT

Federal Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer speaks during a press conference in Toronto on Thursday, March 7, 2019. Scheer is issuing a revised statement on the terrorist attacks in New Zealand after being criticized for failing to mention the first time that the attack was against Muslims at mosques during their Friday prayers. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Chris Young

As political oratory goes, the three-minute speech Andrew Scheer delivered on the snow-covered lawn of Parliament back on Feb. 19 wasn’t exactly deathless. “We’ve got your back, we are standing with you” was pretty much the essence of what the federal Conservative leader told a few hundred riled-up oil and gas workers whose truck convoy had travelled from Alberta to Ottawa under the banner “United We Roll,” picking up along the highway an assortment of sympathizers and more than a few problematic hangers-on.

It was those elements in the throng, not Scheer’s got-your-back boilerplate, that lent the moment lasting significance.

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CityNews reached out to Scheer’s office for comment on the article.

Daniel Schow, press secretary to Scheer says:


“Mr. Scheer has repeatedly condemned racism, white supremacy, bigotry and intolerance in all its forms, and has made it clear that those who promote such hate are not welcome in the Conservative Party of Canada.  By contrast, Justin Trudeau proudly spoke at an event with ties to Hamas, hosted a convicted terrorist as an honoured guest at his banquet in India, openly mocked an indigenous attendee at one of his fundraisers, and did nothing to intervene when a young indigenous woman was assaulted right before his eyes at a recent Liberal rally. Justin Trudeau’s attempts to change the channel on his scandals by calling his opponents racist is not only disgraceful, but it mocks the very real threat of racism, and debases those who are actually at risk of racial discrimination.”