Speed limit to increase to 110 km/h on 3 sections of 400-series highways in pilot project

By News Staff

The province will be raising speed limits on sections of three 400-series highways — including a portion of the QEW — in a new pilot project.

Ontario Transportation Minister Jeff Yurek announced on Friday that the speed limit will go up from 100 kilometres an hour to 110 kilometres an hour on the following routes:

  • Highway 402 from London to Sarnia
  • QEW from St. Catharines to Hamilton
  • Highway 417 from Ottawa/Gloucester to Ontario/Quebec border


“Each of these highways were chosen because there’s little change needed to be done to them [and] their interchanges are properly spaced for making the safest environment possible,” Yurek said.

The pilot project will begin in September and last for two years.

“Our government believes that increasing speed limits will bring posted limits in line with other jurisdictions and go along with how people currently are driving,” Yurek said.

The minister added that he doesn’t think the higher limit will encourage people to speed even more.

“I think traffic will probably be a little bit faster than what’s going on now but it’s going to match, pretty much what they’re driving right now I think,” Yurek said.

“I don’t think it’s going to make people go up to an extra 10 kilometres an hour.”

He also noted the 400-series highways were built for a safe speed of up to 120 kilometres an hour.

The government will also launch provide-wide consultations on how to “safely increase” speeds on highways across the province.

This is all part of the proposed Getting Ontario Moving Act, tabled by the Ford government last week.

The legislation also looking to allow motorcycles in the HOV lane, and introducing stiff penalties for driving too slow in the left lane.

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