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No dogs allowed sign creating controversy in Vaughan

Last Updated May 22, 2019 at 6:28 pm EDT

A group of homeowners in Vaughan are taking their “doggy situation” into their own hands.

One man’s decision to create a “No Dogs Allowed” sign for his lawn has caught on with other neighbours, who have posted similar signs on their lawns. Owners say it’s meant to deter people walking their dogs from stopping on their grass and doing their business.

The problem is some of the signs aren’t quite legal. While most are on private property, a select few are actually on public property.

The city sent a bylaw officer to the area to warn homeowners and ask them to take down the signs. If they don’t comply, they could face a $485 fine.

Some dog owners say the signs make them feel uncomfortable and a little intimidated to walk there.

“We live here, we all live here and we gotta work together,” Alex Brescia tells CityNews.

Others say they avoid the properties because they don’t want a confrontation.

CityNews tracked down the man behind the signs. He says he and his wife have lived in the neighbourhood for the past 42 years without a problem until a new condo was built nearby, bringing with it an influx of dogs. He says he’s fed up with the mess.

“We don’t want dirty stuff on my property,” said the man. “They do the poo all over, they don’t care. So we don’t want a dog here. I don’t have a dog, I don’t want a dog.”