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TDSB revises dress code, allowing crop-tops and spaghetti straps

Last Updated Jun 4, 2019 at 8:00 pm EDT

The Toronto District School Board has changed the rules around what students are allowed to wear in the classroom.

Starting in September, students will be allowed to wear hats, hoods, crop-tops and spaghetti straps without having to worry about being sent to the principal’s office.

The board said the new policy, which was passed last month, is based on principles of “equity, non discrimination, and inclusive education.”

Some schools have already adopted parts of the new policy — but this is now board-wide.

The board said it wanted to move away from a dress codes that had to be enforced in ways that affect some groups of students more than others.

The president of the Ontario Secondary School Teachers’ Federation is reportedly among those applauding the changes, saying the union has been calling for “less policing of student bodies.”

There are still some restrictions, including that hats and hoods cannot cover a student’s face.

Below is some of your reaction:

Dress code debate not new

Back in 2015, Alexi Halket, a student at the Etobicoke School for the Arts, refused to comply being told by the school to put more clothing on.

She was summoned to the office after a teacher complained that her top looked too much like a bra.

Hundreds of her fellow students at the time showed their support by wearing crop tops and short shorts to class.