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Dafonte Miller concludes testimony in assault trial

Last Updated Nov 8, 2019 at 8:32 pm EDT

Dafonte Miller concluded his testimony Friday regarding the December 2016 assault at the hands of Michael and Christian Theriault.

Michael Theriault’s lawyer, Michael Lacy, continued to question Miller about the statements he gave to the Office of the Independent Police Review and the Special Investigations Unit in the days following the attack, bringing up several discrepancies in the version of accounts given by one of his friends, Antonio Jack.

Miller was also asked about the physical altercation with the Theriault brothers, denying he was the one who initially picked up the pipe that was used in the attack. When asked by Lacy if the injury to his left eye as a result of being hit with the pipe, Miller reaffirmed, “Yeah, that’s for sure how it happened.”

At one point Lacy played the 911 call from the night of the assault to get Miller’s reaction and take on what happened. In a low, soft voice, Miller said he hated “hearing that,” showing he is still battling the psychological effects of the attack. Lacy said he didn’t mean to make Miller uncomfortable but that this was part of the proceedings.

Christian Theriault’s lawyer, Alan Gold, took over cross-examination by focusing on whether Miller was able to throw any punches, use the pipe or fight back in any way during the attack before ending his brief line of questioning.

After a few follow up questions from the Crown, Miller was excused from the stand.

The defense is now expected to being presenting its case on Tuesday.

Both brothers have pleaded not guilty to charges of aggravated assault, as well as separate charges of obstruction of justice over how they portrayed the incident to investigators.

680 NEWS reporter Momin Qureshi was in the courthouse following the proceeding Friday. His updates can be read below, or by clicking here: