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Will COVID-19 cause a global recession?

Electronic screens show the closing numbers at the New York Stock Exchange in New York on March 9, 2020. Credit Image: © Wang Ying/Xinhua via ZUMA Wire

In today’s Big Story podcast, you’ve no doubt seen the screaming headlines about the stock market crash. The fear of COVID-19 is real, especially for investors. Billions of dollars in value have already been lost. But there’s also a bigger picture.

Looking at how the stock market reacts to a threat like this virus can offer a glimpse of how the world is coping with uncertainty. Is there a big buyback after an ugly loss? Are there particular sectors rising or falling? What are governments planning to do to keep their economies stable? You may not have a buck in the market, but you can learn a lot from watching those who do.

GUEST: Mike Eppel, Senior Business Editor, 680 News

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