How to be an ally in everyday situations

By the big story

In today’s Big Story podcast, the images of police killing black men or assaulting protesters are horrifying and disgusting, but they are just the most visible tip of an ugly, ugly iceberg. Before we talk about how far we’ll really have to go to change a culture of police brutality, we’re going to talk about what each of us, especially those with privilege, should be ready to do right now.

Many of us won’t be in harm’s way on the front lines of a protest—but we also miss the many chances we have to be an ally when it can make a difference. Today, we revisit a conversation about what keeps us quiet or still when racists, sexist and homophobic acts occur in front of us, and how we can change that. Until tomorrow, stay safe and help each other out.

GUEST: Shakil Choudhury, Anima Leadership

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