Video shows rude customer, TTC bus driver in screaming match

By News Staff

A shocking video circulating online Wednesday shows a TTC bus driver and a customer engaged in a heated argument, with the driver screaming at the customer as he hurls abuses at her.

WARNING: The video below contains offensive language

Bus driver and rider screaming started over a dispute surrounding reserved seating from r/ActualPublicFreakouts

The incident occurred on Tuesday evening on the 52 Lawrence West route.

The video begins with the customer calling the driver a “crazy c**t” and the driver responding with “get off my bus” repeatedly.

The video goes on for over three minutes with the customer continuing to hurl insults as the driver continues to demand he exit the bus.

Towards the end of the video the customer is heard threatening to spit in the driver’s face which once again elicits an angry reaction from the driver.

Another passenger is then seen asking the man who was yelling at the driver to get off the bus, at which point he finally exits.

The driver is then heard on the phone saying “I’m done working … you need to send someone right now.”

The TTC says they do not know what led to the exchange.

“TTC operators have incredibly difficult jobs and face harassment on a daily basis,” said TTC spokesman Stuart Green in a statement. “Operators are trained to remain seated, stay behind their barrier or in their cab and de-escalate when confronted with aggressive behaviour. They are also instructed not to engage in disputes with customers for their own safety and that of customers.”

Green adds that transit operators are instructed to contact Transit Control for support and the bus driver did so and “that was the correct thing to do.”

An investigation is underway.

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