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Cool to be in school: TDSB classroom windows to be opened this winter

Last Updated Nov 26, 2020 at 9:47 pm EST

File photo of an empty classroom with social distancing.

The Toronto District School Board is asking parents and caregivers to make sure children are properly dressed for the colder weather when they head to school this winter.

That’s because TDSB schools plan on continuing with a program of opening windows and allowing fresh air into classrooms as part of public health measures aimed at keeping the spread of COVID-19 in schools at bay.

“As we head into the colder months of the year, open windows will continue to be an important step to increase fresh air in classrooms and schools. Toronto Public Health is recommending that windows in classrooms should be opened for a period of time, at different points of the day to introduce fresh air into the space and increase air flow,” read a statement on the TDSB website.

“Please keep this in mind as your child gets ready for school each day by considering an extra layer of clothing to ensure comfort throughout the day.”

The TDSB points out that while heating systems will be turned up as the window remain open, they expect schools will be “cooler than normal.”

The TDSB says over the past few months it has checked all mechanical HVAC systems in schools, increased the frequency of filter changes, added portable HEPA air filter units in classrooms where mechanical ventilation is not an option and adjusted systems to increase the amount of fresh air while reducing recirculation.

Back in August, the Ford government announced it would provide $50 million in one-time funding to pay for improved ventilation, air quality and HVAC system effectiveness in schools as part of its reopening plan, urging them not to move “on government time” and get the upgrades done as soon as possible.