Beaver spotted at Royal York subway station

Breakfast Television hosts Dina Pugliese and Sid Seixeiro chat with Will Abbott who first spotted the beaver at Royal York subway station. Toronto Animal Services has since rescued the animal.

By News staff

We’ve seen birds, rats and even raccoons on the subway in Toronto, but there was another animal attempting to ride the rocket on Thursday morning.

TTC rider Will Abbott first spotted the beaver inside Royal York subway station. The animal was walking around the concourse, near the Grenview entrance. His wife, Jenn Abbott, tweeted the pictures seen below.

“Well I woke up pretty quickly from the usual sleep that I am in … and he sort of moved towards me, so took a couple of pictures and then called the supervisor of the station to make sure that is was rescued,” Will Abbott told Breakfast Television.

At first he thought it was a groundhog.

“I didn’t see the tail at the beginning so I wasn’t sure what is was, and then quickly when it turned to the side I saw the big flat tail, I recognized it from the nickel.”

A beaver at Royal York subway station in Toronto on March 25, 2021. (Photo via @jennabbott65/Twitter)

A beaver at Royal York subway station in Toronto on March 25, 2021. (Photo via @jennabbott65/Twitter)

TTC spokesperson Stuart Green said they believe the beaver entered the station through the Grenview Boulevard entrance, which is between two local waterways where beavers are commonly seen.

Toronto Animal Services was called in and has since rescued the animal from the station.

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