Diner famous for its bacon wall a staple in West Rouge for close to 7 decades

Ted's Restaurant has been serving the community of West Rouge for decades. The family feel environment and decor are still the same. Stella Acquisto reports.

By Stella Acquisto

For close to 70 years, Ted’s Restaurant has been a staple in the West Rouge community and since then, not much has changed about this place.

It was opened in 1954 as a coffee shop on Old Kingston Road and quickly was turned into a diner by a local resident named Ted.

“[Ted] did sell it, but he did come back frequently,” says Karey McGregor, an employee of 17 years.

“There have been a few families that have taken it over, but the current owner has been here for about 20 years now.”

Ted kept coming back until he died at 108 years old.

“We are known for our bacon.”

Randy Zhang is the current owner and he’s left the place exactly the way it has always been. From the sign up in the restaurant to the food, customers take comfort in knowing the diner will remain the same.

There even is a famous shrine for bacon.

“We are known for our bacon,” says McGregor, as she details some of the items on the bacon wall, including American actor Kevin Bacon.

In addition to the regulars, movie and TV crews often come through this joint.

“One of the big movies we did was Pushing Tin with John Cusack,” she explains.

McGregor tells CityNews the best part of working at Ted’s is seeing people grow through the years.

“You see people grow up, you see families that expand and get bigger and you see their kids and they have kids,” she shares.

West Rouge is the neighbourhood featured this week on CityNews’ Your Community. Find out more on the neighbourhood and other Toronto neighbourhoods CityNews has profiled here.

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