Group of 5 friends turns passion into cake shop in Agincourt South-Malvern West

Shu Cake Boutique is located around Midland and the 401 in Toronto. The shop was started by five friends with a passion for pastries. Stella Acquisto explains.

By Stella Acquisto

A cake shop in the City of Toronto’s east end, started by five friends with a passion for dessert has become home to many unique cake flavours.

“We all love pastry, and we all love the industry. That’s how we came up with the idea,” said Robin Liu, the General Manager of Shu Cake, which first opened in 2016.

Their store in Agincourt South-Malvern West, which they call their innovation center, is located around the Highway 401 and Midland Avenue area, tucked away in an industrial plaza.

It was opened this past year after the lease at their original location, just north of this one, expired. There is also another store in downtown Toronto and the owners hope to keep expanding.

There’s a number of cakes to choose from and the flavours are unique, described as a blend between European and Asian ingredients, which also inspired part of its name.

“In Asian history, [Shu] is like putting everything together, the air, the water, even the flower. So that’s how we come up with all our flavours,” said Liu.

There’s a number of different desserts on the menu and all of them look like a work of art, combining bright colours and different flavours.

“One of our specialties would be the Mille Crepe cakes. It’s kind of like because it’s 32 very thin crepes and with the fresh cream in it. So, we do have lots of different flavors which you may not see in the other places,” said Liu.

Grape, ovaltine and Match Yuku are just a few unique flavours they highlight in their cakes. To find out more about this shop and what they have to offer, head to their website. 

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