Loose bolts blamed for Scarborough RT derailment that led to early closure: TTC

Loose bolts are getting the blame for the derailment of the Scarborough RT back in July that ultimately led to the TTC line being permanently put out of service.

The TTC shared the findings of its investigation into the July 24 derailment of Line 3 near Ellesmere station.

Five people suffered minor injuries in the incident. The rear car separated from the rest of the train and derailed. There were 44 passengers who needed to be evacuated from the Line 3 train, according to TTC officials.

The investigation found the immediate cause was “failed reaction of the rail anchor bolts” which means the bolts that hold down the power rails came loose over time.

It recommended the TTC permanently shut down the SRT which was officially announced in August. A safety team and third party were recommended to review to validate the findings.

The SRT was designed for a 25-year lifespan but the TTC had kept it going for a total of 38 years. The line was set to be decommissioned in November but was moved up following the derailment.

In the report, the TTC noted the reaction rail system is not used anywhere else in the TTC rail systems.

The TTC is now planning to run an express shuttle bus service along the 6.4-kilometre route from Scarborough Centre and Kennedy stations for the next seven years until the Scarborough Subway Extension is finished, which is expected to open in 2030.

Temporary bus priority lanes have been installed as of August 26 on Kennedy and Ellesmere Roads with Midland Road Avenue lanes to be completed by early November.

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