AGCO says Kelsey’s in Huntsville served patron 18 shots before fatal crash, seeks licence suspension

The Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) is seeking to suspend the liquor licence at a Kelsey’s restaurant in Huntsville after a patron was allegedly served 18 shots of liquor in less than four hours and then died in a crash.

The inebriated customer left after last call, getting behind the wheel of a vehicle that was involved in a single-vehicle crash that resulted in their death.

The AGCO is seeking to suspend the establishment’s liquor sales licence for 60 days for over-serving in relation to the Nov. 4, 2022, incident.

“It is alleged that a customer at Kelsey’s Huntsville was served and consumed 18 shots of liquor over approximately 3 hours and 45 minutes,” the AGCO said in a release Wednesday.

“During that period, the customer showed increasing signs of intoxication, yet staff continued serving alcohol to the customer until closing time.”

The AGCO says the fatal crash occurred “within minutes” of the patron leaving the restaurant.

“All liquor licence holders in Ontario are required to meet their obligations for the safe and responsible sale of alcohol,” said AGCO CEO, Dr. Karin Schnarr.

“Licence holders have a specific duty not to serve customers who are or appear to be intoxicated and have a responsibility to prevent such tragic events from happening.”

Kelsey’s will have the right to appeal the notice of suspension.

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