Baby pig that was tossed like a football is adopted and pardoned at Louisiana Capitol

By Sara Cline, The Associated Press

BATON ROUGE, La. (AP) — A baby pig that was rescued after being tossed like a football near a Mardi Gras event in New Orleans was “pardoned” Wednesday and has found a permanent home with a Louisiana lawmaker.

The weeks-old little pink critter — dubbed Earl “Piglet” Long, a play on the name of the former 45th governor of Louisiana — was ceremoniously pardoned by Lt. Gov. Billy Nungesser on the Louisiana Capitol steps.

“He will live out his life without any threat of being thrown like a football or being part of jambalaya or boudin in someone’s kitchen here in Louisiana,” Nungesser said referring to two popular dishes that contain sausage.

While beads, stuffed animals and hand-decorated souvenirs are frequently catapulted through the air during Carnival Season in Louisiana, pigs are not among those items.

The piglet’s journey to a new home began earlier this month when a bystander noticed men in a park, not far from a Mardi Gras parade, throwing “what appeared to be a mini-football” to one another and laughing, according to the Humane Society of Louisiana.

As the bystander approached they could hear squealing and realized the object flying through the air was a baby pig. The bystander approached the men and asked for custody of the terrified animal.

“The rowdiness, endless parades, and party-like atmosphere often lend themselves to questionable behavior — like how three grown men behaved a few days ago,” the Humane Society said in a social media post.

The piglet, who is expected to grow to be 80 pounds (36 kilograms), has since been adopted by state Rep. Lauren Ventrella and will live on a farm in the Capitol region.

“As a Republican, sometimes we like to cut the pork,” Ventrella said, alluding to the GOP’s reputed conservative approach to fiscal spending. “But, I will tell you this is the pork we won’t be cutting.”

Sara Cline, The Associated Press

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