Hundreds of tires illegally dumped near Mimico Creek, likely for months

The City of Toronto says it's cleaning up the bank of Mimico Creek after the tires were discovered under an Etobicoke bridge. David Zura explains.

The City of Toronto says Mimico Creek is the focus of illegal dumping that has involved hundreds of tires piling up under a bridge and near the water source, likely for months.

Earlier this week, environmental crews were at Etobicoke Creek to clean up after an unknown material was discharged into the water. A city spokesperson confirmed that an “oil-like substance” spilled over from a nearby concert venue and that clean up efforts were ongoing. Toronto Wildlife officials rescued one duck due to the spillage.

CityNews has since received separate claims of illegal dumping near Mimico Creek. The source alleges tires have been left under a bridge at the Royal Woodbine Golf Course near Skyway Avenue for the past two months.

Several tires are seen near Mimico Creek. Photo: Giancarlo DeSantis/CityNews.

A spokesperson with the City of Toronto tells CityNews that hundreds of tires have been illegally disposed of at the Mimico Creek site, and crews are working to remove them.

“Due to the volume of tires, this work will take several days. The tires will be stored by the city until they can be recycled,” said Laura McQuillan.

City crews were observed at the creek on Friday, though it remains unclear if any action will be taken under the city’s littering and dumping by-law, which has a set fine of $500. Tires are listed under the city’s municipal code list of prohibited waste.

The by-law states, “No person shall place, dump, deposit or permit to be placed, dumped or deposited any quantity of waste on any land, not including buildings, within the city, including ponds, lakes and streams, except as required or permitted under Chapter 841.”

Toronto police not aware of reports

A police spokesperson confirmed they were unaware of any reports of tires being dumped near the creek, pointing to the city’s by-law.

City crews at the site declined to speak with CityNews, noting that they’ll be active in cleaning up the area. Due to current weather conditions, efforts will likely continue into the weekend.

A spokesperson with Toronto Wildlife says officials have also not received any calls regarding the dumping of the tires.

“I wouldn’t expect much of an impact on the local wildlife,” the Toronto Wildlife rep said, adding that no other animals have been affected by the prior spill from earlier in the week.

CityNews has reached out to Ontario’s Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks for comment.

Last August, a large industrial fire at a chemical plant in north Etobicoke resulted in an accidental spill into Mimico Creek. The resulting oil-like slick impacted local wildlife, and the cleanup lasted several months.

Littering and illegal dumping of garbage in parks and public or private property can be reported to 311.

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