Blue Jays fan hit in the face by baseball to get custom cards, ball signed by Bo Bichette

After Liz McGuire was hit in the face with a 110mph ball at a Jays game, the internet came together to help her score some big gifts. Michelle Mackey reports. 

A woman who got hit in the face by a scorching foul ball off the bat of Bo Bichette is about to receive 110 baseball cards with her picture on them and a signed ball from the Blue Jays shortstop. 

Collectible cards company Topps says it will send the custom cards to Liz McGuire, who got hit at a weekend game in Toronto by a ball estimated to have been travelling 110 miles per hour.

Topps says in a post on X, previously known as Twitter, that it produced 110 copies of the card that show McGuire with an enormous bump on her forehead above her right eye. 

The company said it is giving all the cards to McGuire.

McGuire has not immediately responded to requests for comment on the incident.

The Blue Jays said in an emailed statement that medics attended to the fan immediately after the incident.

“The fan was seen by the medical team and chose to return to her seats for the remainder of the game,” the team said.

“The Blue Jays followed up with the fan and invited her to be our guest at an upcoming game and offered her a signed ball from Bo Bichette,” the statement added.

The Rogers Centre has netting for baseball games that protects some fans from being struck by foul balls.

“Fan safety is a priority, and the Blue Jays have numerous precautions in place to ensure a safe environment for all fans at the ballpark,” the statement further said.

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