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TTC Bus Hijacked By Armed Man

Carjackings are a rare, but very real possibility that Toronto Police face every day on the city’s streets.

Busjackings on the other hand, are almost completely unheard of.

And yet one happened Saturday in the downtown core, when an armed man boarded an empty TTC bus and took the driver on a harrowing ride around the city.


“It’s not something that happens every day in the City of Toronto,” said Toronto Police Det. Gordon Serroul.


“I can’t recall one where a bus driver was confronted and actually where he was commanded to take the bus on a trip.”


The incident began just around 12:30pm in the Bay and Wellesley area. It’s believed the suspect boarded the bus at that intersection, rode down to Front and Bay, and once the bus was empty, pulled his weapon on the unsuspecting driver.


From Bay the vehicle went eastbound to Cherry St., north on Cherry to Queen St., and east from there to Church St. It was at this point the gunman hopped off the bus and took off on foot.


Fortunately, no one was hurt, and the bus driver is doing fine.


“Considering the situation he was in he was a rather calm individual,” Det. Serroul said.

The suspect is described as:

  • White male
  • In his 40s
  • 6’1″
  • Wearing a black suede jacket, jeans and a red hat.

Police are hoping surveillance equipment on the bus can provide them with more information.

“There’s some electronics equipment on the bus that has to be downloaded which will probably give us some idea about the route the bus was on on that odyssey,” Det. Serroul added.

If you have any information that can help in the investigation, call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS.

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