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Star Trek Apartment Up For Sale On eBay

For sale: one apartment in Hinckley, England.

The price: to be determined.

The setting: out of this world.

Welcome to Tony Alleyne’s place, the world’s most unique apartment.

We first brought you his story a few years ago. Alleyne is an interior designer and Star Trek nut who completely converted his dwelling into a replica of the bridge of the U.S.S. Enterprise.

After years of living in a world where Kirk, Spock or Picard would all feel at home, the man with the key to this transporter bay has decided it’s time to come back to earth. So he’s put his private Enterprise on the block.

“Most people thought I was barmy, I mean you can go spend a lot of time down the pub or whatever. I decided to live in a spaceship,” he explains.

He admits the place is missing a few amenities. Like a bedroom. Alleyne suffers from sciatica and his doctor told him he’d be better off sleeping on the floor. So he put in a transporter room instead.

“I always think bedspace is overrated anyway because you’ve got a bed that’s what, six by four foot and it’s just a waste of space … what is it two thirds of your life you’re supposed to spend sleeping?”

What else is missing? How about a galley – er – a kitchen? The apartment boasts only a small microwave but no oven.

Alleyne has been lost in this space since he first built the interior in 1997. Why beam out now?

“I think as a project it’s gone its distance,” he explains. “It started off in 1997 and you can only go so far. I mean over the last two years it’s been refitted to Star Trek: Voyager and as far as I’m concerned it’s gone the distance.”

Besides, the last series, Enterprise, explored the early days of Star Fleet and Alleyne would have had to take many steps backward to keep up.

For now this apartment aviator plans to move to a new home and start with a new theme. Perhaps the hatch on “Lost”?

As it is, the place comes with a lot of extras – amazing recreations of the real thing, including a transporter pad, bridge consoles, phaser firing controls and even a computer interface that lets you turn up or dim the lights simply by giving a vocal order. (And no, you don’t have to say ‘make it so’ unless you really want to.)

The only things missing are the credits you need to buy it.

That’s going to come on eBay, as the solo captain of this earthbound craft seeks to auction it off to the highest bidder. The starting price is $200,000 U.S. 

And oh yeah, the Borg is extra.