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Jian Ghomeshi files $55-million lawsuit against CBC

Lawyers for radio star Jian Ghomeshi have launched their promised lawsuit against the CBC, alleging breach of confidence, bad faith and defamation by the public broadcaster.

Ghomeshi is seeking $55 million from the CBC, according to the lawsuit, plus special damages.

The suit says “the claim is the result of the CBC misusing personal and confidential information provided to it in confidence and under common interest privilege.”

On Sunday, the CBC said it was severing ties with Ghomeshi, because of “information” it had received about him. Lawyers from Dentons Canada LLP then announced their intention to sue the CBC. Shortly after that, Ghomeshi posted a long Facebook message saying he had been fired by the public broadcaster for his “sexual behaviour.”

In the Facebook post, Ghomeshi said he was open with the CBC about his sexual behaviour, after he became aware that a freelance writer was looking into allegations that he’d engaged in “abusive relations.”

Ghomeshi said in the post that he only engages in sexual practices that are “mutually agreed upon” and “consensual.”

The lawsuit alleges that the CBC misused “personal and confidential information provided to it in confidence.”

It also says that Ghomeshi was not aware that the CBC was continuing to conduct an investigation into the matter or that the information would be used as basis for his dismissal.

“Mr. Ghomeshi would not have shared information about his private life with the CBC, had he appreciated that the CBC would ultimately use the information provided to it to terminate his employment,” says the suit.

The suit goes on to say the “conduct of the CBC has negatively impacted and will continue to impact Mr. Ghomeshi’s public reputation and future employment and other opportunities.”

There is no real limit to the damages a person can claim.

A CBC spokesman did not immediately return a request for comment.