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Hold on to those Metropasses: They are a collector's item

Last Updated Jan 5, 2016 at 10:34 am EST

The Metropass for January 2016 showcases the skating rink at Nathan Phillips Square and a hint for the following month's design. TTC.

Transit riders in Toronto may soon jump for joy once the TTC transitions over to the Presto fare card next year, and will be ready to toss their Metropasses out of the window, so to speak.

But, wait, you might want to hold on to those passes since they could be worth something one day. And if you are more sentimental, you will be treasuring a part of Toronto’s history.

This is the last year the TTC will be selling Metropasses, and the transit commission is marking the end of an era with a collector series.

Each of this year’s 12 Metropasses will feature iconic Toronto images with a hint for the following month’s design. The 12 passes come together to create a special “one of a kind” TTC collectible, which the commission says “celebrates Toronto.”

January’s pass showcases the skating rink at Nathan Phillips Square.

The TTC is phasing out Metropasses to introduce the Presto fare cards next year, system-wide.

The fare cards were introduced in 1980 at a cost of $26 a month (the good old days). They’ve now reached $141.50 a month, with more than 321,000 riders buying the passes each month.