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City council approves Scarborough subway alignment

Last Updated Mar 28, 2017 at 7:36 pm EST

The proposed Scarborough transit map includes one subway stop and 17 LRT stops. CITY OF TORONTO.

City council has voted 26-18 to approve the alignment for the Scarborough subway extension.

Council also approved the underground bus terminal at Scarborough Town Centre, which will add $187 million to the already-considerable cost of the project.

The total projected cost for the one-stop extension has swelled by more than a billion dollars since 2013 to $3.35 billion, causing some councillors to argue for a retraction to the fully-funded LRT plan.

Mayor John Tory scoffed at the idea of further backtracking on what has became an epic debate that’s led to frustrating inaction.

Tory reiterated that the time for talk is over. “We absolutely must get on with building transit in Toronto,” he said from city hall. “The vast majority of people have made it clear to me — they want us to get on with building transit in Scarborough and the rest of the city.”

“Enough debates and votes have been held…this city is starved for additional public transportation,” he added.

Tory also said he would use “every ounce” of strength and determination to assure the city’s transit projects come to fruition.

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