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Dash-cam video captures two-car collision in Richmond Hill

Last Updated Aug 22, 2018 at 3:03 pm EDT

A screen grab from dash-cam footage of a two-vehicle crash in Richmond Hill. CITYNEWS/ David Ursino

A shocking crash in Richmond Hill was captured on dash-cam video on Wednesday morning.

Police responded to the scene on Highway 7 near Red Maple Road around 9 a.m.

David Ursino told CityNews he witnessed the crash while on his way to work and it was recorded on his car’s dash-cam.

“It was a really loud impact,” says Ursino. “It sent the white car careening into the air.”

*WARNING: Some viewers may find the following video disturbing*


Ursino says the white vehicle landed on a right turn ramp and fortunately no other vehicles were on it at the time.

Following the collision Ursino and a few others went to check on the victims. He says he was only able to get to the driver in the white car, who was the sole occupant of the vehicle.

“The person in the white car was unconscious. Someone said the engine was on fire and I saw a lot of smoke coming from the engine,” says Ursino.

They believed the car might catch fire, so Ursino and two other men decided to help the driver out of the car.

“I had to undo his seat belt and we had to crack his door open because it was stuck,” said Ursino “I grabbed him from under his arms and I started pulling him out and I had someone else holding his neck and his head … and I asked a third guy to help with his legs because his legs were stuck below the dashboard.”

After removing the man from the vehicle, Ursino says he was in and out of consciousness. He was awake and coherent by the time paramedics arrived to take over the scene.

Police and paramedics say three people were injured in the collision. Two victims were sent to a local hospital while a third was sent to a trauma centre.