‘We don’t feel safe’: Brampton residents terrified after string of break and enters caught on camera

A Brampton neighbourhood is sounding the alarm over a spike in car thefts and home break-ins. Shauna Hunt with security videos of the criminals in action and residents who are worried about their safety.

Residents of a south Brampton neighbourhood say they’re distressed and concerned for their safety as thieves have been breaking into homes at all hours of the day and stealing vehicles.

Concerned residents have been contacting CityNews to share security video of the alleged criminals in action. One such video shows two men wearing masks and hoodies aggressively trying to bust through the front doors of a home in the Streetsville Glen area in the Churchville neighbourhood.

The suspects fail to gain access and flee on foot. In another incident three days ago, a different home was broken into, with security footage in that instance showing two suspects aggressively kicking and lunging towards a side door to gain access to the inside of the home.

“It’s been several months now. We have had several break-ins. We have had a lot of cars stolen,” said Kiren, a woman who lives in the neighbourhood.

“They come in, they scurry around and look for keys,” said Steven, another community member. “It seems like that’s what they’re doing. They’re trying to get quick hits and high-valuable vehicles.”

Brampton neighbourhoods a target of thieves, stats show

According to the latest crime statistics from Peel Regional Police, in this south Brampton neighbourhood — which is about a two-kilometre square radius — almost a dozen break-and-enters have been reported in the last 12 months. Statistics also reveal that at least 26 cars have been stolen from driveways.

Residents tell CityNews criminals are coming into people’s homes at night while they are sleeping. 

Photo: CityNews submission.

“Our friends, and our kids’ friends, they [have had people] breaking into their homes to get the keys,” said Manisha. “You know kids… they are [expletive] scared that someone is coming in their house. It’s hard for them to sleep at night.”

When asked if she thought it could be the same suspects scouting homes in the neighbourhood, Kiren said it’s hard to tell, given how they’re successfully hiding their identities.

“We can’t identify them. We’re just identifying them from their hoodies.”

Police patrols are in place, but thefts continue

Residents tell CityNews that Peel Regional Police officers have been conducting neighbourhood patrols. They understand there’s only so much authorities can do, so they’ve been taking matters into their own hands by creating an unofficial neighbourhood watch program.

“Individuals not at work will walk around the neighbourhood and post something. [For example, they’ll] say, OK, we see something suspicious, let’s call the police,” said Kiren.

“We’re doing everything we can. We have alarm systems and cameras, and we have called the police. We still don’t feel comfortable in our neighbourhood anymore. We don’t feel safe.”

Peel Regional Police is actively investigating these incidents and cannot say if an organized crime ring is being considered a possibility.

Authorities encourage residents to continue reporting these crimes and any suspicious activity to their local police force.

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