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Police release video of security guard's murder at illegal marijuana dispensary

Last Updated Oct 30, 2018 at 1:44 pm EDT

The mother of a man who was shot to death while working as a security guard at an illegal marijuana dispensary in North York said she often warned her son about the dangers of the job.

“I have spoken to him many, many times that you can’t do this,” Sandra Cooke said from police headquarters on Tuesday. “He said ‘Mom, it’s like any other job.’ ”

Cooke said her son, Dwayne McMillan, eventually heeded her warnings and was planning to quit and seek a safer future. “He was going to go to school,” she said. “He was giving up this job.”

A botched robbery ended that dream.

On Tuesday, Toronto police released security video of the October 2nd murder at a dispensary in an industrial plaza near Keele Street and Steeles Avenue West, hoping to identify two outstanding suspects.

Two other suspects, 19-year-old Jahnoye Carpenter (pictured below) and a 16-year-boy, were arrested on October 25 and are facing charges of second-degree murder and arson to property after allegedly torching the getaway vehicle.

During their arrests police say they seized several weapons.

The apprehended suspects have not been cooperative with police. “They exercised their right to remain silent,” homicide Det. Paul Worden said.

Jahnoye Carpenter, 19, is charged with second degree murder. Toronto police.

The surveillance video shows one of the suspects, believed to be the 16-year-old, try to enter the dispensary while a second man waits outside. When the first suspect is denied entry by McMillan, the second man pulls out a handgun and a struggle ensues.

Police say two other suspects who were waiting in a getaway car noticed the confrontation and ran out to help their friends. One of them was armed with a rifle. Shots were fired and McMillan crumbles to the street where he dies.

Det. Worden said he believes the suspects “had some connection” to the dispensary and that the shooting stemmed from a “robbery gone bad.”

“They never got into the premise, Mr. McMillan did his job,” he said. “They never got in to access the marijuana.”

McMillan’s grieving mother laments what was lost that night.

“He wasn’t just my son, he was a father, partner, and brother,” she said. “He’s not coming home. He has four children, his boys, they were so close. They love that man and he loved those boys, now he’s gone.”

“My family has been shattered.”

Dwayne McMillan, 44, was shot to death on Oct. 2, during what police are calling a botched robbery at a marijuana dispensary in North York. McMillan was working at the dispensary as a security guard.