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Parents voice concerns over Garage Clothing 'SEND NUDES' ad campaign

Last Updated Feb 16, 2021 at 6:19 pm EDT

A screenshot from Garage Clothing's "SEND NUDES" ad campaign.

Garage Clothing is telling customers to “send nudes” in a new campaign and parents are voicing their concerns over the messaging.

In a marketing email sent over the weekend, the brand wrote in bold letters “SEND NUDES” followed by “Swipe right on your new fav lounge looks, sleep sets, and more comfy stuff you’ll wanna get in bed with.”

The message was accompanied by photos of a young female model in neutral coloured loungewear.

Social media was quick to call out Garage for the sexually suggestive campaign – a brand whose social media presence appeals to adolescent females.

Another wrote, “@GarageClothing my 12 and 14 year old daughters received an email this morning that was highly inappropriate. I’m beyond upset in today’s culture this made it through marketing. #garagemistake very upset with your choice in marketing play on words.”

At this time, the brand has remained silent on social media, however, some users did share the response they received via email after contacting their customer experience department.

“While we recognize that teens do shop at Garage, we have changed our target clientele to young women,” wrote a customer representative of Garage Clothing in an email. “We are 18+ and have evolved into a brand that chooses confidence, sass and empowerment to young women.”

The brand doesn’t confirm or deny the intention behind the subject line in their marketing email that caught many by surprise. The email ends with them stating their brand lives and breathes individuality and “are proud to stand by it.”

“Regardless of what age demographic they’re targeting, the message is tasteless and objectifying,” wrote Katerina to CityNews.

The mother of two young girls is part of a Facebook group that is sounding the alarm to Ad Standard Canada about what message this ad is sending to young women.

“I have started teaching my girls at a young age to love and respect themselves. It’s a huge step back to see this kind of campaign objectifying them and normalizing sending nudes by text,” Katerina added.