Toronto mayoral candidates explain what they’d do if elected

Editor’s note: CityNews invited the mayoral candidates who have contact information listed on the City of Toronto’s mayoral candidates page. Sixteen took us up on our offer and explained in two minutes what they’d do for the city if elected mayor. The following are their unedited responses.

Update (Oct. 3, 2018): Some of these candidates for mayor are controversial and CityNews has received complaints that we allowed them access to this platform. CityNews has reported over the years about community concerns with some of these candidates and even police investigations into them. However, as the object of this exercise was to provide the voters with information about all the candidates’ platforms, we think it would be journalistically irresponsible to exclude some candidates because others disagree with their beliefs, politics and/or platforms. Their candidacies are legal, their names are on the ballot and the public has every right to know about them as much any other.

Brian Buffey

“I believe I’m the only candidate on day one that said I would take no salary.”

Sarah Climenhaga

“We’re united around a desire for better transportation, more housing, wise spending and for a strong, vibrant city.”

Mike Gallay

“My goal is to raise the floor in terms of poverty reduction, housing affordability and taking care of the most vulnerable.”

Saron Gebresellassi

“Solving the housing crisis is not rocket science. It means setting aggressive targets and actually meeting those targets.”

Faith Goldy

“As mayor, I will evacuate illegals from our shelter system and give those much-needed beds back to the Torontonians who so desperately need them.”

Brian Graff

“We need to stop the selloff of the waterfront.”

Tofazzel Haque

“The city is facing a lot of problems such as gun violence. If elected, I’ll (find) the root cause, raise the awareness … and protect the interests of the city.”

Chai Kalevar

“If (the nuclear station in Pickering) blows up like Fukushima, we won’t have water to drink.”

Jennifer Keesmaat

“We need to stop playing politics with transit. Phony plans on the back of napkins isn’t reducing anyone’s commute.”

Karl Langenfeld

“I’ll pave our roads, I’ll move cyclists to side streets and get traffic flowing to protect cyclists and pedestrians.”

Gautam Nath

“I will get jobs back in Toronto … which brings about economic vibrancy.”

J.P. Pampena

“I’m interested in bringing down the deficit by creating an IPO for Toronto.”

Josh Rachlis

“I pick up litter because I care about the environment. I also pick up beer cans because you can return them for 10 cents because I’m fiscally responsible and it helps the environment; so it’s a win-win.”

Jim Ruel

“I believe strongly in a concept I call education before legislation. We need to be fully educated on how the (legislative) structure works.”

James Sears

“I also have an issue with Mayor John Tory’s Raildeck Park. He wants to spend over a billion dollars on that park when Toronto Community Housing is falling apart. We should take that billion dollars and spend it on housing.”

John Tory

“I think the best way to keep this city affordable is to keep taxes low.”

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